Difference Course 3rd Dec - 21st Jan

Difference is a five session course that explores what it means to follow Jesus in the face of conflict and see transformation through everyday encounters.

In a conflicted and hurting world, many of us long for our faith to have a positive impact, but in the messiness of life it can be hard to know where to start. We believe that God is in the business of restoring brokenness and transforming relationships, and that we are called to take part. Archbishop Justin has brought together leading peacemaking thinkers and practioners to create a 5-session course to help you encounter others well, cross divides and see society transformed.

The approach to Christmas and the beginning of a new year seem particularly appropriate times to think about reconciliation. We do hope that you will come and join us as we think about how to reconcile in our own lives and how to be reconcilers in our families and communities.

You can watch a short video of the Arch Bishop explaining his vision for the course here

Contact: For more information or to attend
    email: sam.slota.newson@gmail.com
    call or text: 07796524553

Course dates:
3 & 10 December - All Saints, Great Chesterford
17 Dec, 7 & 21 January - Wendens Ambo Village Hall
8pm - 9.30pm