Sunday 7th June Trinity 
Online Service on YouTube 


Please click on the image of Revd. Alex Jeewan below to watch the online service for Sunday 7th June. 
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To open or download the order of service please click here.
The bible readings can be followed by clicking the links below or by opening the Grapevine which is posted further down the page. 

Isaiah 40: 12-19 , 27-31
Matthew 28: 16-20

To watch any of the previous Sunday online services please click on the "Faith" tab from the main menu and select the "Sermons" page. 


Holy Grounds

All are invited to Holy Grounds - see the invitation below
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Grapevine for the week

Please click the Grapevine image below for this week's Grapevine (Sunday 7th June)

A Letter from the Vicar: 
Dear friends,
As you probably know, our church building cannot be used for services at the moment because of the current pandemic. We are still trying to support the community by providing online services, pastoral care and linking with local support groups.
As the church buildings are not open we are not able to receive donations in the usual way. The church is NOT centrally funded but relies on the generosity of those who use the church and/or live in the parish. There are many bills to pay just to keep the church building running and, as there is no weekly collection, we need further help to pay the bills.
We know this is a difficult time for everyone but if you can spare something to support your local church then please contact your church treasurer or contact me (vicar.camvillages@gmail) if you would like further information or for your treasurers email address.
With love and best wishes,


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To read previous Grapevines please head to the Grapevine page here.

Family Resources

This week is Trinity Sunday. Click on this image to watch this video to explore the meaning of the Trinity.  
20200607 Trinity Video 

If you head over to St Mary's Church, Saffron Walden Website, there are further questions and thoughts around the trinity for children and youth (click here). Come back to have a go at the following crafts: 

20200607 Flexagon

Create this "flexagon" which can be twisted to reveal 3 pictures of the trinity. Click the picture to be taken to the instructions on how to create this. 

20200607 Trinity Spinner 3
Create a "Trinity Spinner" - this has three images of the Trinity but spin it to see the three images blend into one.

Prayer Space at Home and further resources

For reflective prayer activities to do as a family please do look at Prayer Space in Schools who have produced a Prayer Space at Home section with easy ideas for home. To be taken to their website click here.

Please do also look at St Mary's website (click here) who continue to post Youth resources each week including additional craft ideas and songs and thoughts for Young People. We also have our "Family Resources" section (click here) for more ideas of things you can do at home.

During the Week

Evening Prayer at 5pm every weekday

You are most welcome to join Revd. Alex Jeewan via Zoom  for Evening Prayer every week day at 5pm. 
Please email for the Zoom meeting details. 

Find the liturgy we will be praying through in one of the following ways: 
  1. Download the "Daily Prayer" app to smartphones. When you open up the app it will take you to today and along the top of the screen has tabs for morning, evening and night prayer (the app will automatically take you to the prayer closest to the time of day you open it). 
  2. Click on this link: Today's Evening Prayer to be taken to the Evening Prayer for today. 

Holy Communion at 9.30am via Zoom every Wednesday

This will be a service of "Spiritual Communion". Each Wednesday this will be led by Revd. Alex Jeewan or Revd. Caroline Currer starting Wednesday 6th May. This means that the bread and the wine are received by the priest on behalf of the congregation. You can find out more about Spiritual Communion by clicking here: Spiritual Communion

For the Order of service (for services in June) click here.

Please email for the Zoom meeting details.